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The first step for people in crisis that come to Lazarus House is to find out what issue(s) they are dealing with -  housing, food, clothing and/or safety. Without this assistace there cannot be a long term solution in place to move people out of poverty. Only after the crisis is dealt with can people have a fighting chance to change the direction of their lives through education and work preparation. 
That new mother in the emergency shelter, in an effort to make things better for her baby, has reached out her hand to Lazarus House.  If she is willing to work very hard, be strong and take advantage of the opportunities and programs that are offered to her through the ministry she can reach her goals!  But, this is just the start. She may slip and fall and then have to stand up and try again. The road is going to be long and difficult for this family, but for tonight . . . they are safe, fed, and warm, and tomorrow is filled with hope.