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The goal at Lazarus House Ministries, Inc. is to provide food to anyone who is hungry and comes to our door. During the fiscal year 2014, Lazarus House distributed more than 15 tons of donated food and grocery products each week to meet the needs of the entire ministry. The line for our weekly food pantry has grown 42% since last year and more than 143% in just two years. Difficulty making ends meet is happening to increasing numbers of people. Driven by hunger and unemployment, they are turning to food pantries for assistance in feeding their families. Hardest hit in this area are single mothers with young children and the elderly living on fixed incomes. Often they cannot afford to buy enough food so they eat smaller portions, skip meals or sometimes run out of food altogether.

St. Martha's Food Pantry supplies emergency food supplies to as many as 812 families each week. The pantry offers a "one-of-a-kind" shopping experience, allowing choices of food, when possible, which provides more dignity and greater efficiency. The pantry also provides the opportunity to gather as a community in comfortable surroundings as families wait to get their weekly food allotment.

The Good Shepherd Center houses a Community Day Center and a Soup Kitchen for more than 225 people a day. The Center's professional staff provides advocacy and referrals for housing, employment, legal aid, medical aid, mental health and detoxification services. In the winter months when people can't get out to the food pantry, the Soup Van travels throughout Lawrence distributing food. How can you help? Consider our Sponsor-a-Meal initiative, volunteer, or make a donation online. Thank you! 


Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Baskets

When most of us think about the holidays, we look forward to warm and cozy times shared with family and friends; beautiful times, wonderfully shared moments. But for those people who are struggling, the holidays can be a particularly difficult time of year. You can create a Holiday Food Box that will be directly distributed to families who will be delighted to receive them. Long after the food has been used will be the memories that people who did not know cared enough to assist in making their family holiday better. Call (978) 332-5013/5014 to arrange a drop off time. $70 donations to purchase a complete Holiday Food Box for a family of four (including Turkey) may be made by check and mailed to: Lazarus House, PO Box 408, Lawrence, MA  01842.